Shipping and rates


The following Sales Conditions govern the offer and sale of products between the customers of site and Mode Peres Ltd, with headquarters in:

Halliwell Mill, Bertha Street, Bolton BL18AH


, company registration no. 12176927, hereinafter referred to as “Mode Peres”.

Access to the site is free for users and does not involve purchasing restrictions; customers/visitors undertake to respect the General Conditions indicated on the site.

The present General Conditions of the contract prepared by Mode Peres are fully effective for concerning customers and are understood to be known and accepted at the time of order by the Customers themselves. Mode Peres, therefore, invites its customers to read these General Conditions before placing the order and each time they visit the site There are possibilities that some provisions contained in these General Conditions may change over time.


Orders can be placed on the website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When completing the order, the Customer is requested to:

Correctly fill in the form relating to personal data; it is important to specify the delivery address, the telephone number and an e-mail address (e-mail).

Read the form carefully, in all its parts, before validating the order. It is the Customer’s responsibility to verify the correctness of the order before confirming it. Mode Peres is not considered in any case responsible for errors related to a wrong purchase or even for errors related to the delivery of the package, deriving from information or data incorrectly entered in the form by the Customer, relating to personal data.

Report any changes in payment, products or shipping address to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

Choose the preferred payment method (see Payments).

Once the order has been placed, an e-mail will be sent to the Customers to confirm the registration of the same.


The contract is concluded according to the EU Directive (2011/83/EU) with Mode Peres communication to the respective customer e-mail addresses the validation of their order after checking the availability of the product/s and the payment made in advance by the customer chosen method.

Mode Peres undertakes, in any case, to promptly notify customers about the validation of the order or its non-acceptance in the event that the product is not available or if the payment has not been successful.

Prices and vat

Prices indicated on the website are expressed in Pound Sterling and are the prices that apply at the time the Customer sends the Order. Since the rates of suppliers are constantly evolving, prices indicated on the site are subject to change at any time and without notice. They are also susceptible to changes due to causes related to the launch of a product, for promotions and / or balances.

Product prices include VAT according to current UK VAT rates for children products (0%, 5% or 20%).


On the website, only top-quality branded products are offered for sale. These products are purchased directly by the Seller from manufacturers and retailers and carefully selected for their rigorous quality controls.

The essential characteristics of the products are presented on the website within each product page.

The images and colours of the products offered on may not correspond with the real ones because of the Internet browser or monitor used. All products are provided with an identification tag. The departing merchandise is intact and subjected to checks both in the import phase from the warehouse and in the packaging phase. The purchased products will be delivered as confirmed in the summary email.

Transport costs (see rates) will be calculated when the order is confirmed.


The contents of such as images, documents, logos, graphics, etc. are protected by copyright. Reproduction, in whole or in part, of and its contents, is prohibited without the express written consent of Mode Peres.

Tax documentation

The products will always travel accompanied by a summary of the order. Mode Peres will issue the invoice upon customer’s request, which can be made at the time of the order or by sending an email to with all the complete tax information within 48 hours of order confirmation.